Sexweather is a three-piece band who have been perfecting their live show in the Victoria/Vancouver area since 2013.  Finally releasing their much anticipated, full-length, self-produced, and self-titled debut album, "Sexweather," in Spring of 2019, the band is making big waves in Western Canada. Each member of the trio is a songwriter, instrumentalist, and vocalist, and as a group they display a fearless variety of music with inspiration from genres as different as the members themselves. They have been described as "...what it would be like if Tom Petty, Tom Waits, and Ice Cube started a band." With several video releases on the horizon and a deep catalog of unreleased music, Sexweather won't be slowing down anytime soon.





Dylan Tapp

A.K.A. Skeezy Weezy



Dylan Tapp brings the gravel to your picnic lunch. Always ready to shake your bones with hard-hitting vocals and a powerhouse stage presence, it's impossible to miss this reptile on the stage. His mature songwriting style leans on indie and pop influences, all the while letting the strength and depth of his lyrics float in the melodies.


Graeme Wray


A.K.A. Grimey G



A sommelier of tasty licks, Graeme Wray draws upon influences from the golden era of rock and roll. He's able to swoon audiences with his soothing voice and immediately shift gears into a high-grade shredathon. With his heart on his sleeve, it's said that some of the juices actually run down on to the strings as they provide a fuller sound for his ballads.



Nathan Shelby



A.K.A. Nasty Nate



The coolest member of the band, Nathan draws influence from Questlove, Miles Margis, and Chris Dave. This hybrid drummer, raised almost exclusively on hip-hop, approaches rhythm with tactical angles while exploding like a geyser when the song calls for it.  His lyricism on the microphone is an asset that laucnhes Sexweather as a jet fuelled Heavyweight.


"The whole thing was snappy and dynamic, but what started off bluesy progressed into a groovier, salsa-influenced set with Caribbean vibes. They wrapped up with drummer Nathan Shelby abandoning his drums to freestyle at the front of the stage—all this affirming that Sexweather is even better live than their EP suggests." - Olivia Perry, HOLY SMOKES MUSIC